5 Years Astrological Prediction

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5 year detailed report for your upcoming future will be provided by us. Here some of the important areas of your career, finances, life and health will be covered. On the basis of analysing of your birth chart, dasha patterns, remedial measures are provided to help you if there is any obstacle coming to your way.

In this 1 hour session you can ask 4-5 questions to our Astrologer.

By this Consultation you will know:

→ How fruitful will the following year be?

→ What is hidden in my academic year?

→ Is there any planetary doshas in my birth chart?

→ What will be the best time to launch a business?

→ What is the root of my misfortune?

→ How do I achieve success in my life?

→ Will my financial circumstances become better?

→ How my life look like in a year?

 When will this thread of misfortune come to an end?


  • This consultation will be of 1 hour hour only.
  • The link will be provided on your WhatsApp number or to your email.
  • Consultation will be done within 1-2 working days (As per availability of Astrolexaa Team).
  • The Remedies will be mailed to your e-mail within 2-3 working days (if needed).