Rahu Pooja and Havan

Rahu Pooja and Havan

Why Rahu Pooja and Havan?

This pooja is dedicated to Planet Rahu. Planet Rahu is a north node of the moon. Rahu symbolize illusion, mystry, desires, ambition, aspiration, etc., this things have large impacts in our life.

Pooja Benefits:

Beneficial for those suffering with kaalsarp dosha causing due to Rahu and Ketu.

Person achieves success, name and fame.

Skills like technical or IT is enhanced by this pooja.

It reduced bad effect of Rahu in Kundli.

Consultation, focus will be improved and imaginations would get controlled.

After the pooja is completed, we will send you Prasad on your given address via courier.

The Prasad will include:

Rahu Yantra, Holy Thread, Panchmukhi Rudraksha, Kumkum, Vastu Agarbatti and special blend of energized essential oil for tilak.

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