Ketu Pooja and Havan

Ketu Pooja and Havan

Why Ketu Pooja and Havan?

This pooja is dedicated to Planet Ketu. Planet Ketu is a south node of the moon. Ketu symbolize detachment, spirituality, liberation, retirement, etc. Ill placement of Ketu in Kundli provides stress, depression, poverty, separation in person’s life.

Pooja Benefits:

Protects one’s from sudden accidents.

It helps to improve mental health such as depression and overthinking.

Will have good intuitions and insights.

Person have bad placement of ketu in Kundli which causes bad effects of ketu it is recommended to do pooja.

After the pooja is completed, we will send you Prasad on your given address via courier.

The Prasad will include:

Ketu Yantra, Holy Thread, Panchmukhi Rudraksha, Kumkum, Vastu Agarbatti and special blend of energized essential oil for tilak.

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