Maha Lakshmi Pooja and Havan

Maha Lakshmi Pooja and Havan

Why Maha Lakshmi Pooja and Havan?

This pooja perform to pleased Maha Lakshmi the consort of Lord Vishnu. Goddess Maha Lakshmi is a bestower of all kinds of wealth and happiness.

Pooja Benefits:

Solve all the financial issues.

Remove obstacles from business and career.

This puja gives you wealth, success and prosperity.

Maha Lakshmi blesses you with intelligence and beauty.

Blesses you with fame, knowledge, bliss, happiness, good health, longevity, victory, food grains, courage and strength.

After the pooja is completed, we will send you Prasad on your given address via courier.

The Prasad will include:

Holy Thread, Panchmukhi Rudraksha, Kumkum, Vastu Agarbatti and special blend of energized essential oil for tilak.

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