Shani Pooja and Havan

Shani Pooja and Havan

Why Shani Pooja and Havan?

This pooja is dedicated to Lord Shani. Planet Shani or Saturn is a lord of karma and justice which is upon one's thoughts, speech, and deeds. It plays prominent role in one’s life and its also known as a slow moving planet.

Pooja Benefits:

It removes unnecessary fear and anxiety.

Benefical for those having bad placement of Saturn in your Kundli.

Person become more punctual and responsible.

It helps to get good success and career in life.

A powerful remedy for person who is suffering from evil eye or black magic.

After the pooja is completed, we will send you Prasad on your given address via courier.

The Prasad will include:

Shani Yantra, Holy Thread, Panchmukhi Rudraksha, Kumkum, Vastu Agarbatti and special blend of energized essential oil for tilak.

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