Birth Time Selection

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Birth Time is the most important that shapes our lives. People born in same time, date and place are completely different from each other. They have different taste of life and have different destinies. This consultation helps you to select time which is favorable according to your stars, planets, nakshatras and other combinations.

In this 1 hour session you can ask 4-5 questions to our astrologer.

By this consultation you will know:

→ Choose suitable time among the favorable time.

→ Which time is lucky to born?

→ How to get your correct birth time?

→ Any other query regarding this topic will also be solved.


  • This consultation will be of 1 hour only.
  • The link will be provided on your WhatsApp number or to your email.
  • Consultation will be done within 1-2 working days (As per availability of Astrolexaa Team).
  • The Remedies will be mailed to your e-mail within 2-3 working days (if needed).