Pitra Dosh Pooja and Havan

Pitra Dosh Pooja and Havan

Why Pitra Dosh Pooja and Havan?

While living in the past it denotes the bad Karmas or wrongdoing which is created by their ancestors of the paternal side.

One can have dream related to snakes which is the hint towards this dosh.

Pooja Benefits:

This pooja often solve such problem in the family and satisfies the unhappy.

This pooja is removes all financial problems from an individual’s life and blesses them with an abundance of success.

This pooja helps in difficulties, struggles, career, unsuccessful marriage.

Person who is facing continuous struggles and disputes in the family this pooja is also beneficial for them.

Do this pooja for Ravi graha, shani graha, rahu graha.

It also favors gainful ventures in the area of real estate or property.

After the pooja is completed, we will send you Prasad on your given address via courier.

The Prasad will include:

Holy Thread, Kumkum and Vastu Agarbatti

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