Birthdate Number Personalities: 1 to 31

Date 1 is the most independent, unconventional, and individualistic of all numbers.

It represents the beginning, the source, the innovator, the originator, and the uniqueness of individualist. It is masculine, and it possesses a strong sense of courage and leadership. It is ambitious and goal-oriented. It has direction, and it does not doubt its course of action. It is stubborn, and it has strong opinions about right and wrong. It is a high energy, dynamic force that drives relentlessly towards its destiny. It is the instigator.

DATE 2 is the gentlest of all numbers, and represents cooperation, diplomacy, and tact.

It is the power behind the throne; it is a supportive number, and it often plays the role of advisor. It is very feminine and subtle.

The 2 is loving, vulnerable, and humble. It loves music and harmony in any form. It dislikes direct confrontation, is easily hurt, and does not handle criticism well. However, it is extremely resilient. It is the peacemaker.

Date 3 is the most playful of all numbers.

It is creative, inspirational, and motivating self-expression and communication are its central qualities. It is a happy-go-lucky number, and it is both optimistic and enthusiastic. Its energy is expansive and outward moving, and often scattered. It is sunshine number.

Date 4 is the most practical of all numbers, with a sharp eye for details.

It is orderly, systematic, methodical, and precise. It is reliable, punctual, and dependable. It does what it says it will do. It is honest, trustworthy, and totally without artifices. It is rigid, and it dislikes changes. It needs predictability, and it likes habits and rituals. It forms the foundation of every enterprise. It is the rock and the cornerstone.

Date 5 is the most dynamic of all numbers.

It is persuasive; a promoter and a salesperson par-excellence. It is versatile and adaptable. It is the experimenter and the explorer. It is also bright, quick-witted, and a straight-shooter with extraordinary reflexes. It is the juggler of many projects, and it is easily distracted with a love for sensual pleasures and immediate gratification. It is adventurous and courageous; the traveler's number.

Date 6 is the most loving of all numbers.

It is harmonious with all other numbers, and it is committed, caring, sympathetic, protective, and nurturing, as well as responsible, self-sacrificing, and undemanding. It is domestic, marriage, and family-oriented, and community conscious. It is the teacher and the healer. The 6 cares for those who are weaker. It is visually artistic, creative, and a craftsperson. It is also the mother/fatherhood number.

Date 7 is the most spiritual of all numbers.

It is the seeker of truth, and is mental, analytical, focused, contemplative, and meditative. It is the accumulator of knowledge and wisdom, and the intellectual and abstract thinker. It is insightful and understanding, self-oriented, and often withdrawn. It is an inward, interior journey. It is the scientist, philosopher, preacher, scholar, and sage. It is reflectivity, aloneness, and quiet contentment. It is the hermit's number.

Date 8 is the most result-oriented of all numbers.

It represents the balance between the material and the spiritual world. It is a powerful, ambitious, and money-conscious number, but it also generous. It understands money as a tool. It is the leader and the businessperson, with big dreams and big plans. It is the overseer and the manager. It is strength and the perseverance to see things through. It is the gambler. It is understanding, forgiving, and broadminded, it is the visionary’s number.

Date 9 is the most humanitarian of all numbers.

It is effort and sacrifice without the need for reward. It is giving, sharing, loving, and caring. It is the statesperson, politician, lawyer, writer, philosopher, and above all, the idealist. It is worldwide consciousness, genius, and a synthesizer. It is creative and artistic. It is the architect, landscaper, and designer; a combiner of colors and materials, it is aloof, noble, aristocratic, and a healer of the many.

Date 10

Number 10 is a combination of 1 and 0. One is consciousness, the Sun; 0 is infinity (Anant Tattva). The characteristics of 1 dominate number 10 because it belongs to the series of 1, which bestows honor, faith, self-confidence, and name and fame (good or bad) that fluctuates according to karmic law. One is fortunate, 0 is unfortunate. The unfortunate 0 brings struggle, which gives self-confidence and right understanding to these psychic natives and makes them shine. Zero relates hidden enemies, but 1 gives the alertness to recognize them. Thus 10 is a number of success achieved after hard struggle. To remain introspective and awake is the only solution to the obstacles mentioned. Dependence on others will cause problems.

Date 11

11 is composed of two 1's which is the number of the Sun. The 1 repeated twice in this compound makes its Native Obstinate, Revolutionary and Authoritative. In Theology, 11 is a number of negative omens, of sinners and of penance. In Hindu religion, 11 is not negative but dynamic and auspicious. Psychic 2 born on the 11th of any month, though affected by the Moon can achieve commendable success in later life. 11 has the special sensitivity and intuition for feeling spiritual vibrations and seeing ghosts and spirits, for clairvoyance and trance mediumship. This number is successful in love and gets position and honour in life. This has potent powers and its vibrations reach out to others and takes control of almost every situation. Individuals with this number must be careful for they are prone to make many secret enemies. People with this compound as their name number must beware of deceptions and betrayals from their most trusted near and dear ones.

Date 12

This is a combination of the Sun (1) and Moon (2), the pair of opposites. As we have discussed earlier, a 1 and a 2 do not make an ideal couple; people with these numbers always differ with each other. This differing relationship between 1 and 2 creates anxiety in the minds of those born on the twelfth of any month.

Although psychic number 3 natives are fortunate in getting help, cooperation, and success in life, this anxiety never leaves those born on the twelfth. Psychic threes are famous for saying yes to everything and everybody, but they do only what is within their means to do. Thus they are famous for disappointing their friends and relatives. People born on the twelfth suffer from this problem the most. They are torn by the two opposites—the stable and determined nature of Is and the changing of opinion of 2s. Their saying yes brings them problems, because they themselves are not sure if they really mean yes when they say it; the influence of the number 2 may, after a few moments, change their opinion.

People born on the twelfth usually decide things at the last moment and, even then, nothing is sure about them. They may change their minds even after starting a job and never complete it. They achieve success in the latter part of their lives, but they leave an uncountable number of jobs and projects, which they started with full enthusiasm, unfinished. They change their plans quickly and often, so that their friends and relatives are never sure of their whereabouts. These people enjoy their personal lives and are happy, healthy, and prosperous. They take care of themselves, take an interest in cooking, love to make feasts, have good taste, and are philosophic and religious. They have the strength of Is and the gentleness of 2s. They believe in synthesizing and are unconventional, ready to adopt themselves to all kinds of circumstances.

Date 13

13 is a Karmic compound and is composed of the Sun 1 and Jupiter 3. The Sun afflicts Jupiter creating an irritable nature, at the same time giving its benefic qualities to the Native. Jupiter helps the Sun and is considered his teacher; hence number 3 brings wisdom to this compound. In the West and in China, number 13 is considered unlucky, in Mexico it is most auspicious, in Kabala it is very lucky and in India it is considered fortunate too. 13 Natives are alert, practical and dependable; you go to the core of the matter and leave no job half ways. You are successful Scientists, Occultists and can attain supernatural powers and 'Siddhi's'. This number has precision, accuracy and efficiency; it could be well the number of a 'Genius'. You are independent, self-willed, methodical and happy only when in the 'driver's seat'. 13 is the number of undaunted courage as well as impulsiveness.

Your career and success in the true sense only commences after the 31st year of your life.

Date 14

A combination of two opposites that are attracted to each other, this is a number of risks, fear, underestimation, and wrong assessment of the future. One is the Sun, 4 is Rahu—the north node of the Moon. Rahu is an enemy of the Sun, but by itself is only a half-planet. As such it has to act according to the nature of the planet with which it associates. In association with the Sun, its natural enemy and opposite, it tries to cause affliction. It causes the Sun to be partially eclipsed and presents obstacles. Those people born on the fourteenth of any month suffer from inner conflict. Changes come in their life more frequently than in the lives of other psychic number 5s. Rahu is willing to take risks and the Sun is not afraid of taking risks either, so those born on the fourteenth sometimes risk more than other 5 natives. And as 5s are generally gamblers, natives born on the fourteenth take more risks by gambling or other means that might bring them financial loss and other problems. A number 1 is gifted with being able to correctly assess the future, but in association with a 4, in number 14 it creates problem. People born on the fourteenth have to suffer many times in their lives with incorrect assessments of the future. They are advised to remain cautious with their associates and colleagues and remain calm to achieve their desired goal. The influence of Mercury, which dominates their lives as psychic number 5 natives, makes them fluid and mercurial; they personally enjoy living the way they do. They are helpful, wise, quick to respond, restless but jovial (though less jovial than those born on the twenty-third), and benefit from gambling and taking risks. Because of the influence of Rahu, they are advised to be cautious if caught in a thunderstorm, hurricane, or any kind of natural calamity.

Date 15

Number 15 is a combination of the Sun (1) and Mercury (5). Both of these planets are connected with intellect and ready wit. Both love modernism, material success, and popularity; both are friendly. People born on the fifteenth of any month definitely like luxuries and material prosperity. They are also interested in literature, fine arts, and music. Since 15 is a psychic number 6, it is ruled by Venus. The love of a luxurious, free, uncommitted life, and the love of sensual pleasures, dominates a 15’s point of view. The Sun brings them popularity. Mercury makes them move around and travel. Venus brings them to cozy, expensive, and luxurious places. Because of the Sun they obtain cooperation and help. Because of Mercury, they are surrounded by recreation and have more festive occasions in their lives than other psychic 6 natives.

Mercury is fragile, sentimental, and evergreen. Those born on the fifteenth are tender, emotional, attractive, and stay younger looking than other people their age. Men with this number become interested in Tantra, magic, and witchcraft in order to gain the power to enjoy and explore their sensual nature. Women become interested in Tantra, magic, and witchcraft to get over their sensual nature. People born on the fifteenth get more cooperation and help from members of the opposite sex. They enjoy their lives, love flowers and fragrances, care for jewelry, and have a keen sense of dress. They have pleasant personalities and charming manners.

Date 16

Number 16 is a combination of two opposites—the Sun and Venus. Although Venus is a benefic planet, it is also a teacher of demons, the malefics. The Sun itself is a malefic planet, but it belongs to the group of Jupiter, a teacher of the Gods. In this way, the Sun and Venus belong to opposite camps (they are natural enemies). This combination creates problems in the lives of those born on the sixteenth of any month. Number 7 is ruled by Ketu. And as Ketu is a malefic half-planet that blinds the power of discrimination, people born on the sixteenth day of the month have difficulty discriminating, which causes them to suffer uncertainties and anxieties. The Sun gives them idealism; Venus makes them hedonistic. The combination of the two makes those born on the sixteenth idealistic outwardly and lovers of enjoyment inwardly. They become dreamers and live in their own dream worlds. The influence of Ketu makes them disinterested in worldly desires and ambitions. If spiritually inclined, they gain the knowledge of the Self, psychic abilities, and they become ascetics. But the influence of Venus leads them toward the healing arts and occultism. If not spiritually inclined, they may join conspirator groups. Although they are always anxious and afraid of losing their present status, they rise and fall many times.

They suffer from their defeats, but they continue on their own way. They should watch against accidents and mishaps in their lives.

Date 17

This is a combination of the Sun (1), and the half-plant Ketu (7). Since 17 is a psychic number 8, it is ruled by Saturn. Thus 17 is a number of struggle, obstacles, and difficulties. In addition, the Sun and Ketu are enemies, which gives 17s inner conflict. However, this inner conflict brings them real understanding and makes them more aware, considerate, loving, and spiritual.

They develop resistance and overcome obstacles and difficulties without losing heart. They become peaceful and give peace to those around them. Although number 8 is ruled by the malicious Saturn, 17 natives become benefic and do something for the suffering humanity that brings them name and fame after death. Saturnine difficulties and delays do not leave them, but they are not affected by them and create their own distinctive mark on history. Saturn makes 17s successful in the latter part of their lives, and people consider them fortunate. Although they suffer in their personal and family lives, they acquire wealth and prosperity and are respected by others. If they somehow develop faith in God and adopt spiritual disciplines, they are helped by providence and their problems miraculously disappear. They are advised to be careful in selecting friends and in seeking the help of their friends, relatives, and colleagues. They have courage and are bold.

Date 18

This number is a combination of the Sun (1) and Saturn (8) and is ruled by Mars (9). People born on the eighteenth face strong opposition, inner conflict, and obstacles in their lives. But since the number 9 is ruled by Mars, they are tough fighters and survive difficult circumstances. They become used to meeting challenges and facing adverse situations caused by the grudges and enmity of their family members and relatives. They are devoid of peace in their personal lives and in their family circles. Because of their martial nature, they create bad feelings with their kith and kin and do not enjoy good marital relationships. They earn money through unfair means and do not care for the ethical norms of society. They are financially benefited by wars, revolutions, and social upheavals. They suffer from tensions, instability, and restlessness. They become vicious, move in bad company, and enjoy being rough and sometimes cruel. If these persons are somehow made to follow disciplined lives, they prosper and rise to high positions. If they learn the lesson of ahimsa (non-violence), they can make their marks on history. They are advised to avoid disputes with family members and friends. They are materialists and acquire special skills to earn money. They become financially well off after forty years of age and are rewarded for their efforts in the latter part of lives.

Date 19

This is a combination of the Sun (1) and Mars (9) that is ruled by the Sun (1).

People born on the nineteenth are lucky psychic number 1 people. The Sun and Mars are friends, and the Sun is also exalted in Aries, a zodiac sign ruled by Mars. These people are full of enthusiasm, happiness, and inspiration and achieve success in every field of life. They are full of life force and are honored by their friends and colleagues. Because of the Sun’s influence, they are wise; because of Mars, they are able to confront odd situations and meet challenges.

Their hard work and persistence make them successful. But this combination, and the influence of Mars, makes them obstinate and short-tempered, which creates problems in their married lives. They have all the qualities of number 1 people and are more fortunate than those born on the tenth of any month, yet they are less fortunate than those born on the twenty-eighth of any month. In general people born on the nineteenth enjoy high status, honor, success, and material prosperity. They are helpful, cooperative, and generous.

Date 20

Two combined with 0 makes 20, a number of impatience. Number 2 people are generally impatient, nervous, dependent, and quick-changing. Zero adds responsibilities, which will tire these 2s. They are tender and emotional, like other 2s, but they are more cooperative, loving, and caring. They do not get properly rewarded, however, for their efforts and loving care. They experience unnecessary delays with their projects and suffer from anxieties and disgust.

Their married lives are not very successful, and they neglect their family members and relatives. For peace of mind and to become successful, they are advised to develop interests in the spiritual field.

Date 21

Although those born with the number 21 are psychic number 3s, they differ from other psychic number 3s. The combination of 2 with 1 here is different than in 12. Twenty-one belongs to the series of 20 and therefore is more influenced by the number 2, even though 21 is ruled by Jupiter. The 2 provides gentleness, and the 1 provides the potential to become successful in life. More social than other psychic number 3 natives, they become popular in all circles and with members of the opposite sex. They mix more freely than other 3s and are able to overcome their difficulties and establish themselves in service or business successfully.

With the number 2, they can work as arbitrators and diplomats; with the number 1, they are able to succeed and rise. In this combination, the 1 helps the 2. If these people develop a little patience, they can become fortunate and make steady progress.

Date 22

22 is a Karmic compound, it is composed of Moon 2 and Moon 2, giving 4, the number belongs to Rahu (Indian Astrology) and to Uranus (Western Astrology). Psychic 4's born on the 22nd are most strongly influenced by the Moon, yet, they carry all the qualities of number 4 which makes them slow moving, rebellious, obstinate, difficult and melancholic. You often have to suffer separations from your family and loved ones. 22 men often marry more than once; you have a weakness for the opposite sex and are more indulgent and promiscuous than most other numbers. Apart from achieving marital bliss for this is suspect, you can achieve almost anything materially in the second half of life. This is the number of "The Specialist' and 'The Mystic'; practical, systematic, hard working and the peak years of attaining success for this number holder is from 40 years to 60 years.

Date 23

This combination of the Moon (2) and Jupiter (3) is supposed to be a number of success. People born on the twenty-third of any month are number 5s and are thus ruled by Mercury, which makes them intelligent, hardworking, well informed, and generally interested in learning about everything. They have good chances of success in their professions and become popular. They are benefited by members of the opposite sex and helped by officers and other people in positions of authority. Although they are a little moody, short-tempered, and love to take risks, they are liked by people and achieve success in their lives.

They live in prosperity and promote new ideas. They achieve name and fame, rise in their communities, and are known for their jovial nature.

Date 24

A combination of two opposites, the Moon (2) and Rahu (4), 24 is considered to be a lucky number because 2 and 4 make 6, and 6 is a lucky number. Venus rules number 6, and when 6 is derived from a 2 and 4 combination the person has the influence of 2 and 4 and the behavior of a 6. This particular number 6 is also lucky because the 2 and 4 are in a harmonious relationship. Although 24s have all the qualities of psychic number 6 natives and are considered 6s, they differ from those born on the fifteenth or sixth of any month. Four is a number of difficulty and change, and 2 is a number of change. So the lives of those born on the twenty-fourth undergo change very often. The influence of the 2 makes them helping and sincere; the influences of the 4 makes them strong and persistent.

They are secretive and can keep the secrets of others. They are benefited by members of the opposite sex, yet they also suffer from failures brought to them by betrayal. They are gentle and helpful. If their destiny numbers and name numbers are in harmony with their psychic numbers, they can enjoy ordinary family lives.

Date 25

Twos and 5s are not a good combination; the relationship between the Moon (2) and Mercury (5) is a strange one. The Moon is neutral toward Mercury, but Mercury has enmity with the Moon. This strange relationship creates a selfcondemning nature. Twenty-five, which is a 7, is ruled by Ketu. Although it is a number that brings luck to others, psychic number 7 natives suffer a lot in the early years of their lives. The numbers 2 and 5 give them a fluctuating nature.

This situation is compounded by the influence of Ketu, a planet of ambiguity.

People born on the twenty-fifth of any month are more dreamy, imaginative, artistic, moody, and philosophic than other number 7s. They try to understand the mysteries of nature. They develop methodologies of their own and become founders of religious institutions. They gain experience and understanding through their failures and ultimately settle down. Slowly and gradually they obtain secure positions with the help of their friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Those born on this date have philosophic outlooks. They are generally proud of their artistic talents and successes, which are achieved after great struggle. They are not lucky in love affairs, but obtain financial gains through marriage. They are advised to avoid risky ventures.

Date 26

This combination of 2 and 6, the Moon (2) and Venus (6), gives these individuals a tendency to depend on members of the opposite sex. Two is a number that is dependent on others and so is number 6. People born on the twenty-sixth of any month are psychic number 8s. They are ruled by Saturn and are considered to be materialists and fatalists. They have to face many difficulties and much opposition in their lives, especially during their early years. Numbers 2 and 6 both give attraction to members of the opposite sex. This attraction is the main cause of problems and misfortunes in the lives of these 8s.

A number 26 is advised to be careful in selecting a life partner. Marriage to a number 8 born on the seventeenth or eighth of any month is better than marriage to other numbers. Although they are hedonists, after marriage they settle down, become very sincere, and give up their earlier relationships. If 26s marry any numbers except 1s, 3s, 6s, and 8s, they suffer and eventually turn off to their family lives. If they select 1s, 3s, and 6s, they can achieve good fortune and happy marital lives. Those born on the twenty-sixth excel and acquire top positions in the latter part of their lives. They are hard working and stubborn.

The men are revengeful and cruel when they have enmity toward other numbers.

Date 27

Number 27 is a combination of two strong opposites, 2 and 7, the Moon and Ketu. This provides 27s with initiative and an inexhaustible energy. The numbers 2 and 7 are both very dependent on other numbers. If those born on the twenty-seventh can somehow become independent—that is, develop free will and an independent nature—they can perform all jobs successfully, because both numbers are good for making plans. They can make good plans that can benefit them in their businesses and in family matters. Since 2 and 7 total 9, 27 is ruled by the planet Mars, which makes 27s powerful, commanding, and authoritative.

They carry out each and every project in a well-planned way and achieve success.

They are loving people, devoted to their families or the organizations to which they belong. Both 2 and 7 are emotional and intuitive numbers. If these people develop stability, they can become very successful in the material field.

Date 28

A combination of Moon (2) and Saturn (8) energies, 28 is a number of struggle.

People born on this date have to face many obstacles and much opposition. But since the combination of 2 and 8 totals 1, then the number 28 is ruled by the Sun, a lucky number that brings success. This success comes to these 28s once they have faced struggles and conquered opposition. Those people born on the twenty-eighth gain more experience and are gentler and less authoritative, commanding, and demanding than other number 1s. They are more able to serve, and they gain more cooperation and help than other 1s. This widens their circle of friends and acquaintances. Psychic numbers 2 and 8 natives are both servants, are both obstinate, and are good and tough fighters. The combination of 2 and 8 in 28 makes these people more vulnerable and successful fighters. They lead the battle that advocates justice for the downtrodden and become good politicians and political heroes. They leave their marks on history. The influence of the number 2 makes them philosophical, while the influence of 8 makes them interested in material progress and modernization. They develop unique ways of combining both material and spiritual progress and are wholistic in their attitudes.

Date 29

A combination of the energies of the Moon (2) and Mars (9), 29 is supposed to be a number that brings basic insecurity and uncertainty in life. Since 29 is the combination of 2 and 9, which totals to 2, 29 is a 2 and is therefore influenced more strongly by the Moon. On the material plane, those born on the twentyninth of any month achieve success and rise to high positions. However, their personal lives, especially their marital lives, are not satisfactory. The changing nature the number 2 brings, and the sentimentality the number 9 brings, are dominant in their lives. With a good destiny number and a harmonious name number, a 29 is able to select the right partners in business and life. With their help and cooperation, this individual is able to make progress. But if the destiny number or name number is not in harmony, the person gets involved in the wrong things and does not lead an ethical or moral life. Although 29s achieve a high position in their field of work, they feel insecure and lonely. The influence of Mars makes them restless and doubting. Men born on this date should be very conscious in selecting their life partners, because women are the main cause of problems and sorrows in their lives. Women born on this date should fast on

Mondays or Thursdays if they are interested in meeting a nice and harmonious husband. They should try to understand the feelings of their life partners and not think only about their own emotional highs and lows. In general, all psychic natives born on the twenty-ninth are loving and warm-hearted. They are able to attract men and women with high aesthetic sensibilities and are favored by people of authority. They are advised to avoid irritation and short-temperedness; they should follow some spiritual discipline and develop true faith in God. They should try to create a family environment for themselves. Men belonging to this number should become friendlier and more tolerant with their family members and relations because they need their help and cooperation. They should not postpone their marriage plans and should marry early in their lives; late marriage brings them unhappiness and mental problems.

Date 30

Psychic number 3 natives born on this day are somewhat less fortunate than other psychic number 3 natives because of the association with the zero. We cannot call them unlucky, yet zero slows down their progress and reduces the number of their friends. But because 3s are hardworking, number 30s are able to live comfortably and make enough money without much hard work. Like other number 3s, they are social and universal helpers, but their lives are more influenced by members of the opposite sex. They are constantly engaged in work and do not earn money through one source alone. Sometimes they start so many projects at the same time that they must leave many jobs incomplete. The influence of 0 makes them waste energy and leave jobs undone. As they are ruled by Jupiter (3), those born on the thirtieth are thinkers; they use more mental energy than other 3s. Since they have to struggle a lot during their early years, they develop special ways of looking at things and formulate philosophies of their own. They are not bound by the religions into which they are born and over time become more friendly to other religions and philosophies. Since they are critical by nature, they make fun of all religions including their own, and they advocate universal love and brotherhood. But in their personal lives they follow their own ways and methods, which are rooted in the traditions into which they were born. If their destiny numbers and name numbers are harmonious, they get help and cooperation and excel. They are benefited by social institutions and organizations that can use their creative energies and talents. They are advised to not be selfish and to join institutions or organizations that work for the welfare of mankind.

Date 31

Thirty-one is a combination of the numbers 3 (Jupiter) and 1 (Sun). Number 3 is a good number, and 1 itself also is a good number. However, the combination of the two is not very beneficial for those born on the thirty-first of any month because this combination adds up to the number 4, which is ruled by Rahu, a malefic half-planet. Famous for creating troubles, Rahu makes 4s different from other individuals; it creates uncertainty in their lives and brings sudden, unexpected changes. These changes are both good and bad. This makes people born on the thirty-first of any month feel uncertain and lonely. They are misunderstood by their friends and colleagues. Because they lack friendly and inspiring environments, they isolate themselves, become less social, less popular, and sometimes join revolutionary groups that use violence. They become obstinate, secretive, and commanding. They impose their ideas on others. The presence of the number 3 makes them a little selfish, and the presence of 1 makes them authoritative. Number 1 also gives them qualities of leadership. Although psychic number 3 and psychic number 1 natives are hardworking, social, and extroverts, those born on the thirty-first are shy and less social, yet hard workers. They have to struggle a lot before they become known in society. They love modern ideas and rebel against old values. They are lovers of justice but do not use just means to achieve it. They love to oppose popular ideas and love to argue in favor of unpopular ones. If they become interested in politics, they join the opposition.

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